Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Short Story

In a little more than a week, I'll be posting a new short story on Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble. This will be an exclusive eBook only short, because it is very short, weighing in at about 4800 words. It will however, feature a free preview of the recently released Bound by Prophecy. The two books are in no way related, aside from their author and the visions and death and whatnot. Here's the cover art and a brief description:

Elaina Johnson was born with a vision of her own death.
But Seeing and Knowing are far different things.
A new short story by Melissa Wright
Coming June 2013

I'm still working on book two in the Descendants series; Vision is just a story I'd completed several years ago on a break from writing Frey and I thought I'd share. It will be free to download, and I'll post more information when the book becomes available.

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