Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happenings 2015

The King of Ash and Bone release is less than one month away and while I've been happily distracted with several other projects, expect some teasers soon :)  For now, here's my writing inspiration playlist:

You can preorder King of Ash and Bone at Amazon, iTunes, or Barnes & Noble.

I've had the opportunity to hear the audio performance of Descendants Series book three, Reign of Shadows and am thrilled with how it came out. The finished audiobook should hit virtual shelves in February, but I'll be sharing the audio sample here in the coming weeks.

Big news for some other projects that I can't share just yet, but fun things are coming. In a quite unexpected turn of events, I've teamed up with author R.K. Ryals to illustrate her YA fantasy The Story of Awkward.

This is one of my favorite books by R.K. and I'm thrilled to be able to re-create the fairy tale sketchbook drawn by the story's young heroine, Perri. The concept is so fun, because she falls into her own storybook with the characters she'd drawn as a child, only now she's grown up and her childhood nemesis is at her side. You can download the ebook free at Amazon, iTunes, or B&N, but the artwork won't be inside until later this year (the update should automatically be made if you already own the book when the artwork is added). Below is a sample of some of "Perri's" work.


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