Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cover Reveal and Update


The cover art for The Frey Saga Book III: Rise of the Seven is currently being updated at all ebook retailers. Watch for the new art for Rise of the Seven coming soon in print, as well as the rest of this series.

Cover art by Gene Mollica

Available now at your favorite ebook retailer.



I'm pleased to be a part of HIDDEN REALMS, a new multi-author box set--specially priced for a limited time.

Hidden Realms: A Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Bundle
by Dean Murray, Skye Malone, Sarra Cannon, Christie Rich, Heather Hildenbrand, Stormy Smith, Desni Dantone, Melissa Wright, Sara C. Roethle, Nancy Straight

(Includes King of Ash and Bone)

Available now at the following retailers:

 Barnes and Noble
Google Play


On a personal note, I've temporarily taken some time off social media to attend to family matters. I hope to resume sending review copies, promoting books, and sharing news soon, but if needed, the best way to reach me during this hiatus is via the contact page at 

Thanks for the support! Happy reading :)


  1. So excited about this cover! Can't wait to see them in print because I need all these in my collection :D

  2. What about "venom and steel?" I don't need new covers for past books; I want to continue the series! I thought it was supposed to be out before now and I'm going crazy!

    1. Hi Jo. Venom and Steel is nearly ready, but the release schedule has been pushed back repeatedly due to caring for and then losing my father to cancer this year, and now my mother is undergoing treatment of her own. It's a hard thing to put off a release and I'm terribly sorry for keeping everyone waiting, but it's heartening to hear readers are excited for it. I've not been able to finalize it for publication, but hopefully it will be very soon. I'll definitely share that info as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!