Love the author's work? Want to spread the word? Join the street team!

What you'll do:

What you always do - tell your friends about the books you love! In addition, you'll have the chance to share insider info and news about coming releases, giveaways, and promos, as well as the occasional read-it-before-you-can-buy-it opportunity. 

What you'll get:

Depending on the level of your enthusiasm, you'll work out a plan with the author so she can send you the appropriate amount of swag (bookmarks, stickers, etc) to share with friends, local book stores, libraries, and book club events. If you blog, you'll have the opportunity to host the author for spotlights, giveaways, and guest posts. You'll also be included in special member-only events designed to reward you for your awesomeness... er, loyalty.

Your responsibilities:
  • Fun - Have it. This isn't a job, and you will not be graded.
  • Honesty - If you don't love a book, just sit that one out. I'd never ask you to promote something you didn't truly enjoy.
  • Play nice - Keep it positive. Don't spam.
Oh, and there will be badges ;)

How to join:

Email me through the contact page on or here on the blog sidebar. Please include your name and address, as well as any other relevant contact info (emails/sites/blogs). Tell me a little bit about yourself (are you on other street teams, are you an aspiring author, do you blog), and I'll get back to you with more details.

Thanks for the support and happy reading!