Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kindle MatchBook

Amazon has just introduced a new program called Kindle MatchBook that allows you to get ebooks at discounted rates if you've purchased the print copy from them. You can check it out here for more information.

This means if you buy (or have ever bought) Bound by Prophecy from Amazon.com, you can pick up the Kindle version for free! Here's the link to Bound on Amazon, where you can check out all of your free and discounted titles for this promo:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Shifting Fate Teaser

Huge SPOILER ALERT here. Below is a brief teaser for Shifting Fate, the soon to be released second book of the Descendants Series. This scene takes place immediately after Bound by Prophecy, so it pretty much ruins the ending if you haven't read book one. For those of you who have, read on ...

It was my birthday. I was eighteen years old, lying in a hospital bed at the Division, waiting to find out who had died. This was the life of a prophet.
This was my life.
“Brianna,” Brendan said the moment he came through the door, and I was so relieved to hear something other than the steady beep, beep, beep of the monitors, I actually smiled.
It was the wrong thing to do.
Brendan took my hand as he sat on the stool beside my bed. It was too awkward to pull away, too uncomfortable to let it pass. I tried to sit up, but he protested, instead rising to adjust the head of the bed a few inches higher. When he settled back onto the stool, my hands were resting in my lap. He took one anyway.
“Brianna,” he repeated, and he was so utterly relieved that I felt a pang of guilt at wanting to deny him. I liked Brendan. I did.
I swallowed hard, forcing the thought away. “Who is hurt? Is there anyone I can help?”
Brendan shook his head. “No. No more of that. You need to recover, Brianna.”
“I’m fine.” I stared him down. “They said I was fine.”
He smiled. “They aren't lying to you.” His eyes fell to my side, where the white cotton blankets covered the hours-old wound. “The cut was clean, and somehow, Aern managed to miss anything important.”
His eyes came back to mine. The blades had been my request. I had chosen them specially, and Brendan had gone out of his way to bring them in time. For my sister. The Chosen.
I did pull away then, because I could not share the prophecy. It was all too fresh.
Brendan leaned back, his hands falling to the legs of his black slacks. I got a good look at him then, his button shirt rolled at the sleeves, wrinkled and smudged. He was not himself yet. He’d had no sleep.
“How many were lost?” I whispered.
He took a deep breath. “Too many. Far too many.”
“I’m sorry,” I said. “I wish I could have done better.”
His jaw clenched. “Don’t. Don’t take this on yourself, Brianna. Everyone knows it was my order. I made the call.”
I closed my eyes. “I’m sorry.”
The sound of a throat clearing came from the doorway, and I opened my eyes to see my sister, fingers laced tightly into Aern’s.
“Emily,” I said, grateful to see her well. Safe.
Brendan stood, drumming the tips of his fingers against his leg, and gestured toward the others. “I’ll let you…”
As he passed them on his way out, Emily wagged her brows at me. But I had to look away, because I hadn’t told her about the man in my visions. The man who wasn't Brendan.
And then guilt struck again, because it was one more secret I was keeping from her.
“How are you?” she asked as they reached my bedside.
“Fine,” I answered, smiling until my gaze trailed to Aern. He stood beside her, face so distorted with remorse and shame and absolute regret that I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. When he opened his mouth to speak, I raised a hand to stop him. “No, Aern. Don’t even say it.”
He uttered the first syllable and I said, “Stop.”
Emily’s lip twitched and her eyes fell to their hands, both white-knuckled with his grip on her.
“Brianna,” he growled, “Please let me—”
I cut him off. “No. I won’t let you apologize for something that wasn't your fault.”
We all knew how the sway worked, and there was no question he’d done everything he could to subvert Morgan’s order, to save me by not going for the kill. By missing every vital organ.
But that didn't stop the torture of guilt. I stared straight into his beautiful, grief-stricken eyes. It hadn't just been me. Aern had lost so many of his men. His friends. His family.
An apology of my own almost came out, but I held it back. Pushed it into the pit of my stomach where all of the other guilt lay so heavily, and said, “It was the only way.”


I hope you enjoyed it! Watch for the cover art reveal and release info in the coming weeks :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Descendants Series Book Two: Shifting Fate

Shifting Fate is coming soon! Newsletter subscribers had an exclusive sneak peek last month at the synopsis:

According to prophecy, Brianna Drake was born to save the world. The trouble is, she doesn't have the slightest idea how. Her visions should have given her the answer, but they’re beginning to shift, making the danger too unpredictable, even for a prophet.

If she can just help her sister restore their hidden powers, she might be able to stop what’s coming. But an old enemy returns, and he’s got plans for Brianna and her visions.

What neither of them knows is that fate has given a stranger one chance to find her. He was trained to protect the chosen—but if he fails, the future will crumble.

You can add it at Goodreads here.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bookshelf Confession Month-Long Anniversary Celebration

Bound by Prophecy is featured at Bookshelf Confessions as part of their month-long anniversary celebration. Abby was one of the first blogs to feature my books when I was a brand new author, so I'm extra pleased to see how well she's done. Check out the links below for a month of awesome giveaways!

Bookshelf Confessions

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Check out the Descendants Series and win at Tressa's Wishful Endings

Tressa's Wishful Endings is featuring Bound by Prophecy (and a little bit of Shifting Fate) today as part of the Something Wicked Returns event. The interview was done more "live" than usual, so the answers are more candid (and fun). Thanks, Tressa, for what may be my new favorite interview :)

Check out the link for a chance to win Bound by Prophecy, Descendants Series swag, and a possible pre-order of Shifting Fate!

Tressa's Wishful Endings

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