Friday, November 14, 2014

Introducing King of Ash and Bone

I'm thrilled to bring you a first look at King of Ash and Bone, book one in the Shattered Realms series.

When monsters break through the veil separating their worlds, Mackenzie Scott has nothing left to lose. Her brother is marked, her future has vanished, and all that remains is a desperate need for revenge. After discovering the breach the monsters used as a gateway, Mackenzie devises a plan to stop them, whatever the cost. It isn't exactly luck when she finds an injured stranger in the street, but he just might be the key she needs to succeed. What Mackenzie doesn't know, is that this stranger isn't the helpless boy he appears to be. He's one of them. And he's got plans of his own.

Thrown into a dying city in another realm, Mackenzie is powerless to get back. She's being hunted by creatures who want to tear her to bits, not to mention the sinking feeling of what the monsters may have planned for her home. With the gateway closing, time is not on her side. But the stranger is, and if they can only escape execution, this girl and her monster might be able to save both their worlds.

Special thanks to Cora Graphics for the amazing cover art, my beta readers, friends and fellow authors, and everyone who helped bring this one together. I've enjoyed bringing this story to life and I cannot wait to share it. Thank you all for reading and the years of support <3

Pre-Order at Amazon, iTunes, or Barnes & Noble now.

Watch the blog for updates and snippets in the coming months.

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  1. Ooooh! I finally get to see what you've been working on. :) Love it. Can't wait, Melissa!!